Dr. Gerri Brown, Consultant

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Tax Consultant in Roseville, CA

Dr. Gerri Brown has been a lifelong equestrian owner and enthusiast.  Yet her history encompasses many phases of agriculture as well.  With her Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, finance and appraisal from Cal Poly SLO, she started her career working for a finance and appraisal firm.   Gerri then went on to receive an Masters of Science from Texas Tech University, and was a lecturer and facility manager for the University as well.  She also managed and operated a large equine breeding farms in Texas.  Gerri later became an assistant professor at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne Wyoming, where she taught a variety of business courses in the Ag dept.  She then relocated back to California in 2000 and started working for the University of California Davis, as a lecturer and researcher for the Dept. of Animal Science.  During that time Gerri completed both a doctorate and post doctorate in Animal Biology and continues today to educate future equine and agricultural business leaders.

Dr. Brown also works closely with Agricultural business leaders in business plan and appraisal consulting.  In addition to horse businesses, Dr. Brown has worked with a variety of ag products from animal operations such as cattle and sheep, tree crops, and organic producers.  Her analytical ability has been applied to winery costing as well as soil analysis for optimal crop selection. Her practical approach to solve problems with a strong theoretical background offers clients efficient and effective solutions.

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