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Do I Still Have Time to File my Taxes in 2017?

The 2017 tax filing season is here. Most taxpayers have already thought about their annual tax obligations, however, at least some taxpayers may have forgotten to consider their taxes or figured that they would simply file their 2016 taxes at the last moment....

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Farm Marketing Seminar

Cook CPA Group announces its first seminar in "A Farmer's Forum" Series.We invite you to join us and participate in a discussion with local experts about the dynamics of your customer base and how you can utilize inbound marketing to attract customers to your food...

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Winery Marketing Seminar

Cook CPA Group announces its second seminar in our Vintner's Innovation Series . As a CPA for wineries we look to provide more information to you beyond tax and accounting issues! This time we will explore winery marketing to today's consumer. We invite you to join us...

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