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3 Accounting Tips for Dentists in California

Though industry figures vary by year, most statistics indicate that there are more dentists practicing in California than virtually any other state in the country. This often equates to stiff competition between dental practices, underscoring the importance of...

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4 Accounting Tips for New Startups in California

Congratulations on making the decision to start a small business in California. Few endeavors are more exciting or rewarding, but entrepreneurs beware: in a heavily regulated state like California, businesses are required to keep extremely detailed financial records,...

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About Our Senior Accountant Annamaria

We recently sat down and asked with one of our Senior Accountants, Annamaria, to find out about her professional development and what inspires her in her work. Annamaria Dugan joined Cook CPA in the fall of 2013.  Her progression in the firm has allowed her an...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Annamaria

Annamaria Dugan, who proudly serves as our Senior Accountant, joined Cook CPA Group in 2013. Her friendly and responsive attitude, her knowledgeability of complex California and federal tax regulations, and her professional expertise in account reconciliations, tax...

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